Rogue Ambush should be castable in Subterfuge

While attempting to simulate my character, I noticed it wasn’t using Ambush as part of the Subterfuge opener – even when I made a custom rotation to do so. After looking at the Theorycrafting Wiki, it looks like it’s only configured to be castable on Stealth, Blindside, or Sepsis. I can cast it in game using Subterfuge, however, so I believe the spell entry might need to be fixed.

Thanks for the report - I’ll make it useable with subterfuge.

I’m not sure I’d actually use Ambush instead of Mutilate unless I already had 2 (or 3 with deep stratagem) combo points, though. It doesn’t hit hard enough to lose the chance at a 4th combo.

Yeah, that’s actually what I wanted to test. Was hoping to use the simulator to answer that question and then found out I couldn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: