Rogue Poisons, Instant / Deadly Poisons how to choose + custom stats query

Hi, how do I set AMR to use instant poison on main and deadly poison on offhand?

Also is setting spell hit to 17% and expertise to 6.5% in custom stats recommended for rogue?

Snapshot ID: 9a543a5de3df4538bfab2b8eeb2d97fc

We already take into account the hit and expertise caps. If the optimizer doesn’t get you all the way to the caps, that is because doing so would result in lower theoretical damage output.

I have code in the model that tries the poisons both ways (instant main, deadly off - and vice versa) and the result you see is what ended up giving the highest damage. We never made a way to report which poison the optimizer puts on which hand… but in general you can assume deadly poison goes on the faster weapon. For combat/sub this always ends up with deadly on the off hand. Assassination can have some cases where it changes.