Rogue questions from a fresh 80


so im looking at what is essentially my bis preraid here, and I just had a few questions in general about rogueing. why attack power gems over agility? i was always under the impression agility was better for combat, at least from what i recall when I played rogue back in original tbc and wotlk, and also how much hit does a rogue need? i thought melee hits were only 8% to not miss yellow attacks and you get 5% from talents, like my warrior only needs a very small amount of hit because of roughly the same talent so I figured it would be the same with rogue. is armor pen not a prio for combat? i assumed preraid bis would have been mjolnir runestone and soft capping arp around it. and the 4 set t10 just not good? i picked up the legs and gloves from voa 10 and im seeing they are both kind of useless in the long run.

The differences between Attack Power, Agility, and Armor Penetration are all very small for this case… very tiny differences in assumptions made by the model can cause one to bump just slightly above the other – if everyone is being honest, it’s tough to definitively say whether swapping a few gems for AP/agi/armor pen would be a slight gain or a loss in this case.

I can’t comment on some of the more specific things like the T10 set or the value of hit above the cap (depends a lot on how much of damage comes from auto attacks or benefits from auto attack landing) – our rogue person is out of town this week, but I can ask what he thinks when he returns.

BiS pre-raid is going to look different than BiS post-raid. If you look at the BiS with all the gear available, you’ll see the recommended stats include a lot of armor pen and the full set. Our gear optimizer and calculation model can adapt the recommendations to any set of conditions you impose on it. That leads to suggestions that look different than the “general” suggestions we remember from back in the day, which all used a fixed set of assumptions.

As for hit: rogues do a significant amount of white damage. Our model suggests that point for point, hit is still worth getting above the yellow hit cap.

As for agility vs AP… they’re always going to be close. I trust the calculations in our model! Agility is harder to value at a glance, since it gives both AP and crit. Swapping AP gems for agility gems or vice versa is going to be indistinguishable in-game. I think we value a 20 agil gem at like 0.02% less than a 40 AP gem, which is, for practical purposes, equal.