Rogue Stat Weights Please


Is there anyway that you can share Sub Rogue Stat Weights so we would be to configure our pawn with the stat weights please and thank you!

Our system for classic isn’t set up to calculate stat weights - they wouldn’t work all that great because of the hit caps. We may try to add some sort of pawn support, but so far not very many people have been asking for it, since you can just use the website to rank the gear.

yeah sadly since askmrrobot only support gear finder for max level its kind of hard to use the website to find gear for leveling characters and sadly most people will be using the website for leveling characters because by the time you hit 60 you should already know what you need

On the contrary – almost all of the people using our site use it for max-level characters to try and find the best combinations of gear in their bags or from other max-level activities that they can do.

The low-level character case is pretty small, because usually as you level you get gear replacements pretty often, so most people don’t bother optimizing much.

would pawn string support be that hard to develope? I really hope you guys do make this feature available <3