Rogue trinkets BiB

I’m think I posted about this a few months ago but I’m mentioning it again.
The Tormented Rack Fragment is scoring too well, especially on the ST strat. Oddly enough going to M+ and it isn’t selected.

To make sure I wasn’t going mad I ran a combo sim for both ST and M+ at a low error margin.
Single target

I’m just going to sell it so it will stop happening.
I’m posting so others won’t get led astray.
I’ve had a lot of shade thrown at me for using it, as it doesn’t fit in with what others expect, and while the margins aren’t huge it’s 9th best on that list.

Now I’ve deleted it it’s choosing the 24th best combo on the sim for ST and 14th for M+!

Note. The sims were done before I opened my vault and got a new hat, I don’t expect that to change the result.

You linked the same sim for both cases.

We can lower the value of the damage proc a little in the optimizer… perhaps it’s being a little optimistic – there are a lot of variables that can move the value of a trinket a little one way or the other from fight to fight though, so we encourage you to use the customization features.

That said, the top 15 or 20 combos are all pretty close together on your report – once you get into a real game situation, it’s a toss up which will work out best for you due to variables not accounted for by any simulator or optimizer.


This is why I shouldn’t make posts at 4am.