Rotation Add-on

@ SWOL because he’s the Rogue guru.

I’ve been using this add-on: Aethys Rotation
How well does match what the simulator does?
How would I go about tweaking a rotation script to match the add-on or vice versa?

I haven’t looked at his addon yet. I don’t know if it just uses the simc APL exactly or not. I can take a look at it sometime in the next few days and let you know.

What spec do you care about in particular? Right now the AMR and simc rotations are pretty similar. AMR does a better job with some less common talents like gloomblade or exsanguinate.

I believe it is just based on the default simc rogue rotation.

The add-on is based on SimC. In particular, I am interested in Assassination, possibly Subtlety, Basically I just want know if I follow the add-on will I sim reasonably close to AMR.

If you follow the addon, you’ll be reasonably close to what the AMR rotation does, except for exsanguinate. SimC people haven’t updated their exsang rotation yet to the latest and greatest.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to install Weakaura;s and look for an up to date rotation string to import for it from