Rotation - Monk Mistweaver - Way of the crane

Hi !
I did a thing !
I did something that could be HUGE !
Please @Swol take a look at this. Ok you would probably have looked anyway :p.
I’m hype sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering if Way of Crane was any good and because the ranking was bad i though : maybe Swol didn’t dig into it because it’s need mutch more change in the rotation of mistweaver.

If i go back to the tooltip, the Essence Strike and Strife provide the talent pvp “Way of Crane” and provide a buff that up the dmg by 25% and any dmg done heal up to 3 allies for 150% of the heal done for 15s.

the idea:
The idea is to simply do all the dmg i can in the windows of the buff.
DMG setup can be maximazed by having 3 stacks of monastère before and using thunder focus tea to do two rising sun kick will in between making more monosteri stack.

The Rotation
Here is the rotation:

the result
I should probably have put this on top but:
I gain a bit of HPS and a lot a allies death count
Old rotation:

41k hps versus 38k
4.37 dead versus 6.71

Wich put it in a position very attractive !

Mutch love !
Please make it so we can find a HUGE gearing strat that will do an amazing job. And i’ve even not try any talent optimisation or gear.

Sad story…
After looking into it a bit, it seems that in higher difficulty like -7 and equivalent MM+2 for raid healing it seems that this build is always under the standard build :’(
Like more allie death and less hps.
And in comparable level of raid healing, the “conflict build” seems… under the standard build :’(

And good story !
If Swol make it even better, and AMR is doing a great job optimizing it !
We could have a HUGE victory over the standard build !

I can play around with it more. I didn’t have a ton of time to mess with it before the patch, so I just did some basic tests and found a way to make it pretty good with the melee talents chosen.

If you pick rising mist or spirit of the crane, it should show up as a decent essence. I was having some trouble making it good without those talents, but I have an idea of how we could maybe get a bit more out of it.

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I was able to make it better for the cases without spirit of the crane or rising mist selected. We’ll run some data in the next day or two and post it up.

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Thanks ! Is the Rotation up to date and available ? So i could look into it ?

P.S: After looking into it, i guess yes because values are more closer to what i’ve done. When you will get time, dont forget to update guides to explain it =D

I have not updated the live site with the new rotation yet. We’ll put it up tonight or tomorrow when yellow is back to his computer.

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I updated live site with Swol’s latest rotation tweaks.

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Many thanks ! Thank you all !

Are you going to do an update to the gearing using it ?
I dont have the essence and no time to farm it but… I would so love to get “competitive” result while playing Mythic raid =D

P.S: Good job for the rotation, it has improved in all direction no complain and happy with it ! =D

Of course they will, you know that will happen, you also know it takes time!

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Well if in their web stats nobody is using the essence for Way of the Crane, well they could just forget it.
Like i dont want them to take time for this when i will be only one looking forward to it :stuck_out_tongue:

We will calculate a new set of data for setups using Conflict and Strife on Mistweaver

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