Rotation Retribution improvement

I’ve been trying AskMrRobot for a day now and must admit I really like it ! I’ve been using SimC until now, as most of the community is using it, but since I was curious about what your tool had to offer.
First I really like the range of customization that you provide, everything is user-friendly and accessible trough my web browser !
Now, I was looking into the APL for Retribution Paladin (or Rotation Table, don’t know how you call it), and found some range for improvement.

  • If Crusade, use second potion on 10 stacks or if 25sec remaining on Crusade buff
  • In the same fashion for usable stat trinkets, try to use them when Crusade reach 10 stacks, most of them last for less than 20sec (except Bygone who can extend for full duration).
  • If no Righteous Verdict, use Divine Storm on 2+ targets
  • If Crusade build 5 HP before to cast it, opening should look like this BoW, Judg, CS, CS, Crusade, TV, HoW (if talent), TV, WoA
  • Idk if there is a way to get remaining time before next available HP generator spell, Min([CS, BoW, Judg, HoW, WoA, Arcane Torrent …]), but it will be great to implement a function like this to maximize Righteous Verdict talent, we always want to delay our Templar Verdict to the last few sec of Righteous Verdict buff depends of available generator HP spells.

This is my first draft, I may have more as soon as I have some time. I will also try to do a Rotation table by myself and export JSON here.

I can take a look at some of these things you mentioned and post up some tests.

For the Righteous Verdict talent - the rotation is already set up to favor Holy Power builders as a higher priority, so it will end up using Templar’s Verdict near the end of the Righteous Verdict buff.

I tested the things you mentioned and posted the results on the guide page if you want to take a look:

Got to the Rotation Analysis section to see the data. In general. I don’t include extra complexity in rotations unless it shows a clear, measurable gain or is easy to do. Using Divine Storm on 2+ targets is a very small DPS gain in some cases, but it is easy to do, so I can update the rotation to include that. I found that it doesn’t really matter if you have Righteous Verdict or not, using Divine Storm on 2 vs 3 targets is still very close in damage.

Using the opener you mentioned for Crusade is more or less DPS neutral compared to not using an opener (the default rotation already gets 4 HP before using Crusade, but it won’t necessarily do things like save Wake of Ashes until Crusade is up). I have found this to be generally true about “openers” across all specs. Openers are fun to mess around with because we have to do the opener on every fight/wipe, but when you do an entire fight start to finish, the impact of an opener is usually small to the point of not measurable.

The timing of the potion/trinkets with Crusade also didn’t really make a difference in the simulation results - the data shows it to be identical in most cases as far as DPS goes.

I think it is always worth testing these ideas so that we have an idea as to how much they might matter. I find a lot of rotation tweaks like this end up being neither bad nor good - just another way to play.

Thanks for the answer and extra work you did ! Very interesting to see those changes doesn’t affect that much the result. I will continue to play with AMR rotation to see if I can find some tweak !