Run Speed Gear Search

I want to RUN FAST. Yes, I can stat weight the Run Speed (I can even stat weight, for damage, my Mastery on my DH), but what I really want to do is TOTALLY stat weight the mastery, regardless of dmg output. Possible?

For what i know, the optimizer will not “totally forgot” about output.
But you can use this :

And put it to the max so it will mater more.

The second posibility is to lock in the gear you want. I find more easy to use AMR to manage my gear compare to the ingame gearing (because AMR see my bad and bank at the same time).
My first spec “Mist Raid” and “Mist MM+” are fully locked in of mostly lock for a specific need.

Ya, I was hoping for more of a robust solution than just locking in the gear I know to be the correct run gear. Seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to do, but what do I know.

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We’re buried right now getting ready for shadowlands - not ignoring this request, but it’s honestly way down the list for the time being!

10-4. Thanks for the reply!

Just checking in to see if you guys had this anywhere on the radar. I would still LOVE to have this for shadowlands. :grin:

Still going to be a while, so much to do!

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