Runeforge Mode not working?

Running into an issue, so providing a possible bug report.

I’m a Blood DK who is looking to use the raid strategy, but override the default recommended Runeforge of Stone for Fallen Crusader. Out of the box, if I lock the rune on my best weapon to FC, BiB will recommend a far inferior weapon I have available to put Stone on.

To address that, I used the customize option to set Runeforge Mode to Fallen Crusader – but that didn’t result in any change. It is still recommending Stone as my rune. What I did find though is that once I’ve set this mode, if I lock the run to FC it will stop pushing me to equip an inferior weapon for the sake of setting the rune to Stone.

I’d expect that setting the Runeforge Mode would prompt BiB to always recommend weapons with that Rune selected.

Any guidance on what I may be doing wrong if this is PEBCAK, lemme know.

First thought - is Blood top of your priority list on the left of the BiB sheet?

Yup! Blood is top priority, strategy is raid tanking, only changes made in customization is “Gems and Enchants” > Set Runeforge Mode to “Fallen Crusader”

I would need to see your specific setup – press “help” next to the Best in Bags section header, then Create Support Post, and copy the snapshot ID here. In theory it should always pick that runeforge on all weapons with that option chosen.