Running Simulator for Blood DK bluescreens my PC

I have tried simming my blood DK (3 times) and every time I try I get a bluescreen.

1.) I was on WoW simming and it bluescreened. So I thought maybe it was something else.
2.) Ran AMR sim again and only had that running, bluescreen again.
3.) Waited 3 days before trying again, played games/etc. so I know it wasn’t one of those, ran it today and it bluescreened again.

I have simmed my Rogue in this time frame and it was fine, after I cleared my sim cache because of the crashes mid sim.

I am willing to provide any further details or logs if necessary!

Well, @yellowfive would have more specific information, but I’m totally sure that the simulator doesn’t have anything specific that could blue screen your computer.

Tank sims take longer and are more intensive on your system. My guess is that there is something wrong in your computer and this heavily processor and memory intensive task is hitting that problem. Does the blue screen give you any information? Is it a memory problem? Have you scanned your memory to make sure there isn’t a problem there?

I did a memory scan and everything came back fine. Sadly the error that is being provided in the Event Viewer from the crash is just a generic “The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first.”

I might try monitoring my system next time I run it to try and identify any issues.

Yeah bluescreens are extremely difficult to troubleshoot… could be caused by any number of things.

One of the reasons that we chose to use the .net core framework for our simulator client is that it acts as a good “sandbox” to protect against coding mistakes that could cause a system crash. We only use things that the framework makes available, and avoid all unsafe or unchecked memory manipulation, and avoid all platform-specific code such as win32 api calls.

Now… there could be a bug in the framework itself that crashes certain systems under certain conditions… but honestly that is a very unlikely source of the problem. More likely it is hardware or driver related in some way. Could your processor be getting too hot?

I ran the sim again, this time in Background Mode and it worked fine. I was running in Max before so it was probably my processor overheating.

I opted for trying that first since I didn’t want to keep pushing my PC into a bluescreen haha.

Thanks for the help guys!

I have a similar issue. Over the past year or so, my CPU developed a fault in one of its cores (I think on the cache, but I’m not 100% certain). 95% of the time, everything works fine, but if I’m ever running processes that try to fully utilize my processor (e.g., SimC, AMR, video encoding), I’m almost guaranteed to get a BSOD.

Not a support question; just venting.