"Sacred Flame" trait for Holy Priest

Hi guys,

I noticed the Robot always suggest to pick “Sacred Flame” for Holy Priests as the Azerite Trait of choice whenever it is available. I would like to suggest changing this for the following reason:

The robot appears to work under the assumption that the trait restore 234 mana per tick of Holy Fire, which would be a net mana gain over the duration. However, the actual amount in-game is 142 mana instead, making it a net loss as Holy Fire costs 1000 mana to cast and the trait only restores a total of 994. This makes the trait completely worthless for healers and makes virtually every other trait better than Sacred Flame.

See a screenshot of AMR Website vs. In-Game Tooltip:


Warcraft Priests, arguably the best source for priest theorycrafting, agrees with the above, ranking Sacred Flame as one of the lowest desirable traits.

Yes I know I can lock traits and prevent the robot from picking this trait again. However, I am suggesting the change because this is perhaps the worst possible trait to pick and, in the interest of anyone using the site, it would be awesome if the robot could pick something more worthwhile.


Please be advised that while constructive discussion is welcomed, AMR are fully aware that Warcraft Priests have no respect for any work other than their own (italics 1).
Your posting here is more civil than I feel you wanted to be & to even sign up here must have been agonising.
Please can I respectfully request that you try not to undermine other peoples work & refrain from inciting unrest (italics 2)

Hi eighjan,

Can I respectfully request that you comply with the community guidelines before you throw wild accusations that other people are “undermining other peoples work and inciting unrest”?


I believe “Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.” particularly implies as you are made assumptions about the tone of my post rather than its actual content.

I don’t know about any beef between Warcraft Priests and AMR and to be honest, as a regular user I do not believe it can be reasonable expected that I would be aware of any conflict between the the groups. For the sake of argument, I am happy to apologise and retract that part of my post if it is such a particularly sensitive issue.

However, I do not believe that small part of the post in any way changes the preceding argument that Sacred Flame is purely logically a bad Azerite Trait. It does not provide any useful gain for a healer in a raid healing environment whereas virtually every other trait will provide a benefit.

Now if you were looking at say perhaps maximising DPS while not actively healing, this may be considered somewhat useful as it will reclaim almost the full amount of mana used to cast Holy Fire. However, I do not believe this should be considered the default scenario for “Raid Healing” situations where Sacred Flame appears to be offered by the optimizer as the best trait to be had.

I’m happy to discuss this further, however I would ask that you stop attacking my character if you want to engage in that discussion.


Whoa whoa, everyone relax!

Yeah it looks like the mana gain on that power is being reduced by the “rating” reduction (like crit, haste, etc. get a reduced portion of the budget as item level increases). We’ll make that change and re-rank it.

Sometimes blizzard uses the rating-reduced budget for mana gains and other stuff like armor… sometimes they don’t… the spell data is inconclusive, so it’s helpful when people point out when we miss one of these things.

Thank you kindly, much appreciated! :slight_smile: