Safari not working on website

I am having a lot of issues with your site and Safari. I unable to make any selections at all. No drops downs. No activation of the onscreen keyboard when I select the input section.

Also, the snarky comment about not supporting IE is very offensive. I hate Chrome and Firefox. I only tolerate Safari because it’s the default browser for IOS devices. Ending support on the only browser I am allowed to use at work was disappointing. But telling me I am using an unsupported browser shows you are not actually aware that they still support IE.

If I am going to use your services, it needs to either work in IE on a pc or in Safari on an IOS device. Currently it works in neither environments.

Please feel free to ask whatever you need to know to fix either Safari or IE.

We won’t be supporting IE moving forward. IE might be getting security updates, but it is a dead browser that does not support modern web standards.

We’re going to try to make it work on Safari, but we don’t have mac computers to test a development version on, so it won’t happen until we have time to get that all set up.

Chrome and Firefox are free and fully support the web standards that we use. I’m sorry that you aren’t able to use our site on your preferred browsers :frowning: But, we’re not a big company - we can’t support all web browsers and their quirks. It’s really more of a “shame on them” situation for not supporting the web standards correctly. There are workarounds, but really it’s not our problem - it’s the browser’s problem. I have an iOS device, so I’d like to make the site work on Safari - just have to find the time to figure out the stupid workarounds. Can’t really develop on a mobile device, heh.

I find it interesting that your website is the FIRST and ONLY website I have encountered that doesn’t work in IE. I’m not saying that yours is the only one that works this way, just the only one I have encountered that works this. So you saying it doesn’t support modern webpages is something I find highly difficult to believe or accept.

Even so, if you remain on this course, then I can’t use you anymore. Which is quite disappointing. Whenever you want to drop support for chrome or Firefox for support on IE, I will return. Otherwise I see no way I can do anything else but leave.

I’m sorry to hear that – we knew that dropping IE support would lose a couple users unfortunately. If you recently made a premium payment and would like a refund, please email us with a description of the reason and someone will help you out.

IE is well known to be a thorn in the side of every web developer – most of the new stuff that is going on in web development does not work in IE. A ton of effort has gone into creating workarounds and polyfills and fallbacks to give similar-ish behavior on IE, but everyone is hoping that everyone will stop using it.

In our opinion, it is time for websites to stop supporting IE entirely. If more websites completely dropped support, it would motivate most people to completely drop IE as a viable browser, and make everyone’s lives better: less resources wasted supporting, better user experience for users, more secure browsers for users, etc.

We were able to do it because less than a 0.5% of our traffic over the past 2 years was from IE. The saved development time was worth it.

Microsoft created Edge as a replacement for IE, and our site is fully functional in Edge.

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As a developer, I have to say that every developer wants to finally get rid of IE, because it just needs strange workarounds over things the other browsers have, because IE doesn’t support many modern standards. If you don’t believe me, you can look it up yourself, for example it doesn’t support good high level handling of files (File() - Web APIs | MDN).

Also, IE up to version 10 is no longer supported by Microsoft ( and I would expect the end of IE 11 announced somewhere next year. Edge is now the recommended standard browser when you don’t want to use Chrome or Firefox, and the page definitely works with it.

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