Same Spec Legendaries

I thought I had asked this before, but my posts show nothing.

Is there any way we can get an option to Prioritize Same Spec Equipped Legendary instead of Alt Specs?

I’ve found that AMR by default has a hard time doing this. I personally would prefer to use same spec Lgd and get the bonus effect, even if it is minor, then use one from another spec just for the stats.

I have two examples of this happening to me on two different characters. My Druid has the Guardian and Feral Lgd Legs. When I go to Feral, it tries to tell me to put on the Guardian Legs. They have the same exact stats, but one has an effect that can be used by Feral and one does not. While the effect is considered weak; it has the same stats, but AMR won’t put them on for Feral. That effect, even minor, would be more Dmg then an effect on Legs that don’t activate for Feral.

The second character, and this is from today, has the Brewmaster Lgd Chest and Mistweaver Lgd Chest. I have 3 Lgd for Brewmaster, but after getting the Mistweaver Chest, it wanted me to equip that Spec instead of it’s own Spec. The stats are different this time and probably even better optimization, just on the stats, but the effect is helpful to smooth out the Brewmaster rotation.

I know I can lock-in a piece of Gear and have it be always be picked, but I’m not wanting that exactly. For my Brewmaster, I have 3 Lgd. If I lock in my chest, it can never tell me if the other 2 would be a better optimization. Also, if I get more gear upgrades, I then have to unlock everything and let it re-optimize and then re-lock the things I want again. This requires multiple times of having the Servers at AMR running useless optimization and then finding that it put on Lgd from other Specs and having to go and Lock-in Same Spec Lgd and then having AMR run the optimization again with settings I want.

Since this is a long post, I’ll repeat what I would like for an option. For AMR to prioritize Same Spec Lgd. Something to Toggle On/Off in all the other Options.