Sandworn Gear Item Levels in upgrade and BiS optimizer

In the Find Upgrades as well as in the BiS optimizer there is an option to make the Sandworn relics be 252. This gear isn’t upgradable to that level, or am I missing something? Also neither seem to take into account or show as other options the weapons you get from the dune dominance rares in ZM. Nor are the console upgraded gear there, ie lvl 252 gear. These only show up in optimizing when you actually have them in your bag. Are these items going to be added to your database in the future?

I’ll take a look… I think what happened is the sandworn gear is getting the upgrade levels available to gear rewards tied to console level, when those are really a separate set of rewards at a fixed ilvl 246. I will need to make a separate drop source for the other rewards and it should fix that.

I can see if we can add the ilvl 236 rewards that drop from rares.

Would it be possible to also add the 252 gear that comes from cypher research upgrades in world quests and other world content? That is actually what I had in mind when I set the Zereth Mortis ilvls to 252.

Yes that’s what I meant – I’ll change the 246 gear from sandworn relics to be its own source (and we’ll get the costs in there), and then write a script to pick up the gear available from world quests as a separate source that has the 233-252 ilvl variants.

That can be a little tricky as there’s nothing in the raw game data that really ties those items to that source, but we should be able to identify them with some heuristics.