Saved characters and builds are gone


Took a break from WoW while waiting for 9.1 to come out and have come back to find all my characters on my AMR account have been deleted? Tried searching for similar topics but couldn’t find much of anything, which makes me think this must be unusual. I’m also an annual subscriber so I would’ve hoped something like this wouldn’t happen, but I understand if it’s something out of the site’s control.


All of your settings are saved on our server and are never deleted, with one exception: if you load your characters from the armory ( API), we can only store it for 30 days as per Blizzard’s policies. If you use our in-game addon to load your characters, no such restriction exists (thus why we recommend always using the addon when possible).

There is also a list of recent characters – that is stored on your browser. So if you move to a different browser or computer, that list won’t move with you. But that’s just a convenience to quickly load a character that you previously loaded – all of the related data and settings are saved on the server.

Oh I see, I’m using a new computer but settings etc. are synced across Chromes - do I just need to reimport profiles from the addon to get them to show again?

Correct – the only thing missing is your list of recently loaded characters on that computer/browser, but if you import from the addon, all of your saved Best in Bags setups, options, etc. will be there no matter what browser/computer you are using.