Scopes not showing as enchants

on hunter weapons. intentional or is a sniper scope not classified as an enchant? not sure about anything below that

We do consider scopes – you’ll notice e.g. Best in Slot and Best in Bags picking them.

It does look like the ranged weapon enchant list is showing the melee weapon enchant list instead when you click on it for e.g. Best in Slot though. I’ll fix that in the next update.

The Best in Bags will tell me to enchant my bow with the scope while it’s already there. It seems to be a problem with the addon export. I recall Classic Extended Character Stats having the same detection issue for a while too.

Here’s the export code (I edited character and guild name):


Thanks for the example, I’ll fix that in the next update.

The next update (probably sometime today) has several fixes to ranged weapon enchants – they should be totally cleaned up and working after that.