Season 3 crafted ring is still good?

Snapshot ID: ebf1c1407fc84de5ac5eae464c7de4ac

I have a 476 crafted ring from season 3 that AMR isn’t replacing, even though I have 500+ rings. And if I look under the upgrade finder, no other ring is an upgrade, even a crafted 525.

Something is definitely off.

How much mastery does your 476 ilvl ring say that blue silken lining will give on its item tooltip in-game? I want to double check that it is giving the proper amount, the spell data is a little wacky for the embellishments.

(The tooltip on our site isn’t displaying the proper value, the optimizer is using a different amount. I’m working on fixing up the tooltip today as well.)

In game its says “545 Mastery”.

Thanks – we’ll fix up those tooltips.

As for the ranking, it looks like the crafted upgrade finder search is not applying Blue Silken Lining to the rings. I’ll see why the data extractor didn’t flag that as a possible embellishment for rings, should be easy enough to fix.

As for Best in Bags choosing your crafted ring over the alternatives… firstly, your other ring choices don’t have a socket, and secondly, the Blue Silken Lining is a nice chunk of extra stats if you can keep your health high, which will make it rank higher than other similar ilvl items (thus putting it above many higher ilvl items).