Season of Discovery support

Gonna to be the person to ask, but do you plan to support Season of Discovery?

We still need to get a few more details on it… but as of right now we probably will not.

They have started releasing retail content more quickly (every 2 months or so), and then cata classic will be coming out in the 1st half of next year which we plan to support… I just don’t think we’ll have the time to keep up with season of discovery releases on top of both of those.

We’ll see though… it depends a lot on how involved the changes are.

Worth an ask. I enjoyed what y’all did for Classic, but retail isn’t really my speed at the moment. Too much content, and FOMO in retail. Fingers crossed that the Season of Change are easy to program.

want to throw my name in the list of people who would want support for SOD, would love it if you could add support for it :slight_smile: