Season of Mastery functionality

With Season of Mastery coming out - would it be possible to re-enable previous “phases”. as it is right now only phase 6 is enabled as available, and even if you filter out raids/bosses from the loot tables it will include them for some reason (it’s giving me full plagueheart as an option assuming it’s because it’s from a quest, same with rockfury.)

We will probably update the Classic version to reset the current phase and stay in sync with the Season of Mastery as it progresses, and make any necessary changes to ensure that items line up with each of the phases if anything was changed from the previous phasing in classic.

We’ll try to do that by sometime this coming week.

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Thanks for the update!

I was able to do preliminary simulations through using the Item Exclusion’s etc. for anyone struggling with the phasing changes you can exclude all the items that wouldn’t be available in game and see what your “best in slot” would be - also exclude any equipped items (if using an original classic character) and template character.

I posted an update today that resets the Classic site back to Phase 1. I think that everything should be filtered to the correct phase, but if you see anything that is not please let us know.