"Second Best" in Bags

As I obtain legendary items, they are most likely the “best” for their slot. Since I don’t have infinite storage space, I have been deleting items I obtain that are “worse” in that slot than the legendary item.

If I have more legendaries than can be equipped at one time, BiB may decide to swap to a different set of legendaries and I may have deleted the best non-legendary for the slot that is losing its legendary. Is it possible to determine the “second best” (i.e. the best non-legendary) for each slot so I can keep those around?

Run a BiB, then click the item in each slot you’re interested in. It shows a ranked list of all items you have for that slot. I’ve learned to keep a backup to both legendaries and set pieces. It takes some time, but all worth it when a great piece drops and you’re free to shuffle.