Second Spec Ignoring First Spec Conduit

Snapshot ID: 1c40140904354cc182067bf28783a01c

My first spec and second spec are both using the same soulbind (obviously, at this point) but Best in Bags is attempting to use different conduits for both of them.

My hunch is that it’s an issue with me having the second spec’s best conduit equipped - since I only just got the other conduit and haven’t swapped them yet.

As an aside - can we get the soulbind/conduit highlighted if there is a change to be made? It’s not totally clear where that dps increase will come from on my first spec.

So the problem seems to be that the data imported for your Blood spec shows Impenetrable Gloom currently equipped in that potency slot… so that’s competing with the restriction from the higher priority setup.

For soulbinds, I’ll probably need to make the higher setup take precedence over anything you may currently have chosen in-game, because the point here is that you want the optimizer to change what you have in-game to something different.