Secondary Stat Customization not reflected in PAWN export

I have two versions of my Destruction single-target setup, one with the default secondary stat distribution and another with significant customizations made to the secondary stat distribution. When I do a PAWN export for in-game gear evaluation, the stat weights for both are identical.
How can I get the preferences set in the secondary stat distribution customization dialog to be represented in the PAWN export?

The Pawn weights that we generate are based on our optimization models. They don’t update when you change your secondary stat allocation because stat weights aren’t compatible with that approach.

When you set an allocation, you are specifying a desired ratio of stats – we chose to do it this way because it is both more flexible and more realistic. You get better results. But stat weights can’t really do this. You can sort of approximate the behavior using caps and stuff like that, but Pawn doesn’t support those, and it would only sort of work anyway.

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