Secondary stat distributions

I can’t seem to find this ending of the FAQ posts so…

Prior to DF, there used to be stat effectiveness range for stat distributions on the far right side of the web page. That seems to have disappeared and makes it extremely difficult for me to fully understand how AMR is ranking stats. I find that I often have a different opinion based on playability, not overall maximum theoretical damage or healing. I used to use the stat distribution effectiveness or optimization to make sure that I wasn’t totally screwing myself when I adjusted stats.

If you know what I’m talking about can you please let me know if this is something that you intend to bring back?

We could potentially bring something like that back. Previously, we had a set of pre-calculated data that all the optimizations ran off of, so we could analyze that data and give those stat distributions. Now, we are calculating score on demand, based on all the settings. To make those stat distributions, we’d need to pre-calculate data, which we can certainly do, but it would only be totally “valid” for a specific set of options (like fight length, target count, etc.).

Currently we are hard at work on some new tools to add to the site to help people with talents, especially, but this type of info is still on our radar as well.