See max upgrade level on upgrade finder

Is there a method to see upgrades in “Upgrade Finder” (or “Best in Slot”) by their max (or half) upgraded level, i.e. 8/8 or 4/8, similar to how Raidbots offers? There is specific gear in raids that AMR says would not be an upgrade, however Raidbots says it would be if upgraded to max level.

We could add some options to see gear at different upgrade levels in the upgrade finder and/or best in slot. A few of the upgrade finder searches already let you view items at max upgrade level (Great Vault, Catalyst). We could add it for some other searches.

I’ll probably add an option like the Flightstones/Crests search Upgrade Level option – that seems more useful to me.

You can correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that the crests will be more of a limiting factor for people than flightstones, so setting a desired upgrade level based on ilvl/crests required rather than e.g. 4/8 or 8/8 seems more practical, since upgrading say an Explorer item to 8/8 is a lot easier than upgrading a Champion item to 8/8.

Yes, having the opportunity to select an upgrade level would be a massive upgrade to the raid upgrade finder in it’s current state. I’d love to get that, because at the moment the results are not very meaningful.

Thank you for your constant work.

Are you able to detect for a piece of gear, which gear type (Explorer/Adventurer/Veteran/Champion/Hero) it is, and which upgrade level out of 8 (or 5 for Hero)? If you can, I have a suggestion for an improvement to the UI for the Flightstones/Crests Upgrade Finder.

It would have two drop down boxes. The first one contains the gear type, and the second one contains the upgrade item level (and maybe the number of flightstones and crests required in brackets?). The item levels shown are filtered by the gear type, since the different gear types can only be upgraded to a certain item level:

Explorer - 376 to 398
Adventurer - 389 to 411
Veteran - 402 to 424
Champion - 415 to 437
Hero - 427 to 441

Also, based on the gear type chosen, you then only see the items of that gear type when you click on Find Upgrades. Also, you should only show items that can be upgraded to that level, and exclude items that are already that upgrade level or higher.

I think the current UI becomes a bit unwieldy once you get quite a few different pieces of the different gear types, since you only have a single long list of the upgrade levels and a long list of gear in the results.

Also, showing all of the items for the upgrade level may give the false impression to some users that you can upgrade Explorer items all the way up to the maximum item level, etc, which you cannot.

Depending on how your code works, it might also help speed things up a little bit, since you would only be calculating upgrades on a smaller set of items, rather than all of the items that can be upgraded by flightstones and crests.

We could consider breaking it up by type if the lists start to get too long and slow to rank. That said, I can also see a case for users preferring to see it all since you have to spend flightstones no matter which track your item is on. I guess I’d prefer to try and make it faster rather than requiring users to go back to setup, change setting, rank again… go back, change setting, rank again…

We could also add some filters to the text search box on the results as well, e.g. if you type “explorer” it only shows items on the explorer track, etc. Or, add a special filter/picker on the results, since a lot of users don’t think to use the text search/filter. That might be a more convenient halfway between the two.

especially for raid it’s important. almost nothing in normal is an upgrade as looted. fully upgraded on the other hand…

It appears you have fixed up the main issue I had with this upgrade finder section. Before I was seeing all of the upgradable items I had, being shown at the upgrade level I requested, even though some of them were not able to be upgraded that high. Now when I look at a higher upgrade item level, the explorer’s ones are only showing at their maximum ilvl of 398, and likewise for the adventurer ones at 411, etc.

That was my main issue with this, and why I suggested breaking up the input into different levels, to limit the number of upgrades being shown, but now that you’ve fixed it on the output side of things, I think the current input UI should be fine.

I was also wondering how you deal with these new upgrade levels with respect to the Worst in Bags tool? Do you consider the item at it’s maximum upgrade for the gear type, or it’s current upgrade level? I think it makes sense to do it at the maximum upgrade level, otherwise you might get rid of an item that might still be an upgrade if it is fully upgraded.

We can look into adding something else for Worst in Bags – right now there’s just the one option to never discard an item that can be upgraded. Something a bit more flexible would probably be warranted now.

In the next update probably tomorrow sometime, we will make a small adjustment to always consider items at their max upgrade level in Worst in Bags.

Thanks for implementing that change with Worst in Bags.

With the old Valor upgrade finder, you had an option to order the results by the % upgrade per valor point, essentially finding the most efficient use of the valor points. Is it possible to provide that option with the flightstones/crests finder?

I realise it would be more complicated, since there are two currencies involved in the upgrades. I don’t know if you could somehow equate a quantity of flightstones to be equal to a crest, or how many crests of a lower level is equal to one of a higher level. However, flightstones are relatively easy to get, so maybe if you focused on the % upgrade per crest used for each upgrade, that might be useful.

There is also the complication that once one of your characters has an item in a particular slot at a certain item level, upgrades for other items in that slot for both that character and your other characters get a discount. You might be able to account for that on a character by looking at all the items in their bags, but I’m not sure how you could deal with it for alts. Maybe if you consider all of the characters that you have loaded for an account, that might work, but obviously that would greatly increase the amount of items you would be looking at, even though you only need to get the maximum item level for each slot.

I also realise that implementing this would probably be a lot of work for a fairly niche option for one upgrade finder, so I’m not expecting it will be high on your list of things to add.

Yeah we can look into adding the scoring relative to cost – as you said it’s a bit tricky with the cost reductions on alts, multiple currencies, etc. The valor stuff was nice because we could actually extract the upgrade costs from the game client. This new stuff would have to be a more manual process, but we’ll see if we can come up with something, especially if this system ends up staying around a while.