Sees better item does not use it


It says Grim Eclipse is the better item, in the drop down menu, but tells me to wear Elegy of the Eternals and just notes there is something 1.04% better in my bags

OK so moving on I levelled and now I have a new dilemma
It does not show the weapon I have equipped in my off hand, Quickening Blade of the Prince level 236 timewalking, at all

This is not a real problem for me because I will soon change equ again its just 2 little things that stumped me on why the guide didnt seem to be working, I am sure it was me so I would like an answer so I can store it in my files in case it happens again :slight_smile: Thank You

  1. Change on-use items to 2, you currently have it set for 1. It then uses Grim Eclipse instead of Elegy.
  2. Blade of the Prince doesn’t have Strength on it, so it’s probably not even looking at it as viable.