Senpuh simulation Question

Hello all.

I’m trying to get the max output out of my dh as possible being 969 at the moment.

Whenever i give amr the call to give me the best in bags on single target dmg he will pop up senpu all the time. now… Single target fights for me are usualy a raid boss, so i can’t interupt, apply a type of cc at all. maybe some add if i’m lucky but thats it, So my question is, is it possible to simulate the use of the ring without the Proc on lets say the garothi heroic scenario? Cause i’m quite sure there will be a big difrence on how usefull that ring will be without it.

All simulations assume you never get the proc - only the passive effect is modeled in the simulator.

As a result, all rankings of that item also assume it never procs. If you are able to proc it, that just makes it better than we have it ranked/simulated.

Okay, thank you for the reply,

I was looking at buffs etc and with senpu accounted for i wasnt sure if those where the procs or not.

Thank you!