Separate options for titanforge for raid/mythic+?

Hi, would it be possible to have separate options in the filters for Titanforge for Raids and a separate option for Mythic+ and Reliquished gear?

I ask for this because i would like to check for possible BIS combinations with non-titanforge raid gear from the bosses in Antorus im currently doing and possible titanforges from mythic+ 15 and relinquished gear that i could try to fish for to get upgrades.

As it is now if i add a 20 ilvl titanforge due to higher base ilvl from Antorus, raid gear would always win and it would super-inflate the overall BIS set ilvl and stats.

I was thinking the same thing recently @apoc2k, I upped the TF level to 20 to account for the M+ weekly cache but it ups it on everything so I turned it back off.

I’m not sure how easy it would be, are you able to flag dungeon loot differently @yellowfive?
So there are two TF dropdown menus, one for raids/WB and the other for dungeons.

I’ll give it some thought… might be doable without too much messing around.

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