Sephuz Secret procs

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is: Was tryin to understand which leg combo better for my enh shammy for M+. When i simmed Chest + Sephuz, i cannot see Sephuz procs in log. Dats why chest + roots simmed higher. How i can sim chest + sephuz (with procs from stun, interrupt, dispel)

We don’t have the sephuz proc implemented yet. We are going to put it in, but there are some complications to work out for it.

Ok cool, I wondered the same. I have that lego on Hunter, Pally and DH.On the subject of using the ring, I find it hard to be the first man to interrupt in a PUG group. I am leaning towards letting an add-on call mine out?

I am also surprised at how many hunters use Prydaz. I have it on my Pally which is Ret but I kinda suck at it so I’m trying Prot. I thought loved it because it is so forgiving. These are some of the highest ranking anywhere so I hope it drops for my Hunter.:sunglasses: