Servant splitter weapon not 'seen' by Mr. Robot

I was lucky enough to drop this during a dungeon run as a 430 mythic. But when I equipped it AMR doesn’t see it. It doesn’t matter if it is equipped to main hand or off-hand. Both my weapons are lvl 430, and the other (Gnarlwood Hammer) is a two-handed. On my warrior that shouldn’t matter - since I can equip two-handed weapons in both hands. The only reference to this weapon on AMR is under BfA Mechanics testing from two years ago. Thoughts? It is item 159660.

To get a clear answer you’d need to create a snapshot id by clicking the “Help” link above Best in Bags and post that here.

From your post I suspect you’re a fury warrior? If that’s the case I’d say everything is working fine - while you theoretically could equip one-handed weapons, it’s pretty bad as you’ll lose about 50% of possible the stats on that weapon and afaik some abilites even require using two two-handed weapons. For that reason (and to keep the necessary calculations as small as possible), AMR completely ignores one-handed weapons for Fury.