Server having problems

having problems getting the server to load, and when it does, it’s having issues loading the AMR strings.


Same here, stuck on loading characters all morning

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Same here. Please fix it, we pay for it

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Yup. It is broken. I’m having similar issues.

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I’m experiencing difficulties today also:

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

Sometimes it will load, but spins forever importing strings… once I got it to do an optimizer run, but it hung when I tried to get the string to export back to client. Seems like a rough day in AMRland, hope it is fixed before raid o’clock. :slight_smile:

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We’re working on it – trying to track down what is causing the issue.

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Ditto… Having issues… Says contact support… Here ya go!


I just posted an update that may resolve the issue – please wait a minute or two for the servers to catch up, and then if you are still encountering the issue, let me know.


Still looking wonky on my side, same issues that others have been reporting.

Yeah it didn’t quite work… working on a different fix now.


same problem here, waiting the whole day

The issue seems to be focused mostly around authentication for me. When ever I try to login or perform a function that is restricted and makes a call against my credentials, it completely chokes.

Giving up on it for today.

The issue is that the main web server isn’t starting up correctly – so you’ll get the issue with whatever page you are trying to load.

We upgraded the servers recently, and there appears to be a flaw in the new version of the framework that we are using. Once I get the servers rolled back to the older version, we’ll be working with their support to figure out the underlying cause of the issue.


I dont know if you have an RC environment , or some other environment where you can test thing like that to prevent unavailable service on prod?

That’s the frustrating thing… I did test it for over a week on a separate set of servers. And the new setup has been running for several days on production, no issues. Then today… it just stopped working. No changes were made… just stopped sometime this morning. Now the servers won’t respond or generate any kind of logging information indicating what the error might be… quite frustrating.

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that sucks, well I hope it gets stable with the rollback

Yeah I kept the old servers – just had to make sure a few tweaks to the optimizer we made got merged into that code base. In about 30 minutes the old servers should be back online, depending on how long DNS records take to update.


It seems fixed now. Thank you!