Set bonus not being used for Drogbar Rocks/Stones in Flightstone Upgrade Finder

Checking to see if the set bonus is being calculated for these two items when both are owned and appearing in the flightstone/crest upgrade finder. Based on what I am observing in my attached snapshot it doesn’t appear to be, as both items show up but the bonus isn’t highlighted.

If it isn’t being calculated, it would be nice to add that (if possible), as a way to see if spending the mats to upgrade both is worth it when the bonus is active.

Thanks as always for the assistance and the excellent product!

That’s a little bit of a tricky case…

The optimizer will try each trinket at the specified upgrade level, but paired with the other trinket at its current ilvl as seen in your inventory.

The flightstone/crests search won’t try combinations of upgraded items in general… it tries each upgraded item by itself with your existing inventory items. (Usually people won’t have enough resources to upgrade every item they have, so that works out better in most cases.)

Thanks, and that’s more or less what I figured it was doing. Based on your response though, I am now curious; if I had one of those in my inventory (maxed out), would the upgrade finder use the included set bonus when it was comparing the non upgraded one to the upgraded second piece already in inventory?

If you had e.g. the Drogbar Rocks in your inventory at max ilvl and the Drogbar Stones at base ilvl, and you told the upgrade finder to rank upgrading the Drogbar Stones to max ilvl, one of the potential combinations it would try is the Stones at max ilvl with your current Rocks at max ilvl.