Set bonus not included?


I did a BiB search. But the loadout always tells me to fully unequip my setboni?
How can I make AMR to calculate with the set bonus (T19)

BiB takes into account set bonuses. If it doesn’t recommend using it, that means you have other gear that is better than using the set bonus.

Same for me
if i simulate my gear (with 4set) 735443 DPS
with BIB (2set) 710744 DPS
why is that?
maby i do it wrong

Version: live
Boss/Script: Ursoc(H)
Rotation: Default
Sim Type: Single run

aff warlock

It looks like the default gearing strategy for Affliction hasn’t been updated with a fix I made a while ago. We’re working on a huge update to all the default gearing strategies.

If you calculate a custom gearing strategy for your character (which is recommended right now anyway), it will choose the 4 piece set bonus.