Setting up a Gearing Strategy (How to manually enter it)

I’m a little unclear about how to set up a gearing best in bags for optimization. I know the weights I’d like to use, and I know a cap, but I’m not sure how to enter it into AMR.

For instance, if I want these ratios, how would I input it?

Int: 1.1
Mastery: 1 (capped at 86.5%)
Crit: .97
Vers: .68
Haste: .35

Thus, for every point of mastery, I’d want to target .97 pts of crit, .68 of vers, and .35 of haste.

There is no way to manually set ratios. You can input stat weights, and then use caps to sort of force some of the ratios you want. “Stat weights” don’t define ratios, they define relative value of the stats. Caps are there mainly to handle one major discontinuity in the linear scaling that stat weights define. In your case it’s probably just a hard cap, since I’d guess you’re doing an elemental shaman. All of the simulation data I’ve seen shows that you don’t need to prioritize mastery that high for optimal DPS, fwiw.

We moved to the machine learning technique specifically to handle interaction between stats. The hard cap on mastery is implicitly handled already by the gearing strategy.