Shadow Azerite Traits

Hello, i am a long time User of AMR and very satisfied with all the new features - Great work!
However i now struggle a bit with the BiB, especially for my Shadow Priest.
I know AMR uses a rotation that matches the skill of good players and this should be more acurate than Perfect Sims. But all guides and logs i read suggest to use 3 x Chorus of Insanity.

I havent a lot of Gear, so i deleted all other profiles to be sure (shadow AOE & Disc). But AMR still suggest me to change two (of 3) Chorus of Insanity into Whispers of the Damned (Singletarget, Talents 3,1,1,1,1,1,1)

Can this be true ?

Below is my string:

$72;EU;Azshara;Homericus;Lupi Noctis;10;2;120;34;6:1,13:1,3:14;3;.s1;22;2131121;.s2;23;1311221;.s3;24;3111111;.q1;157962s5b1562b3213b363b245a280429a-16442a-25a16;113s2b-3851b3397b1b6;79s13b-3404b3254b17;1084s3b-3261b3233b11b274a11744a-11735a4612a-4621;25s9b-3508b3234b224;198s11b-3458b3231b227e5943;1154s7b-3513b3286b16;1s1b-3307b3283b11b37a16577a-16568a4607a-4616;29s12b-3331b3294b13e0;11s14b-3307b3294b13;35s16b-4758b1451b3294b13;5s17b-3307b3294b13;18s8b-3292b3279b14;1s10b-3303b311b2975b16x154127;19s6b-3307b3294b13;2623s15b-3237b3224b340;.q2;157930s5b1562b3213b363b245a280410a-13473a1662a-4621;145s2b-3851b3397b1b6;79s13b-3404b3254b17;1084s3b-3261b3233b11b274a11744a-11735a4612a-4621;25s9b-3508b3234b224;198s11b-3458b3231b227e5943;1154s7b-3513b3286b16;1s1b-3307b3283b11b37a16577a-16568a4607a-4616;29s12b-3331b3294b13e0;11s14b-3307b3294b13;35s16b-4758b1451b3294b13;5s17b-3307b3294b13;18s8b-3292b3279b14;1s10b-3303b311b2975b16x154127;19s6b-3307b3294b13;2623s15b-3237b3224b340;.q3;158075s2b1538b3391b1b6;79s13b-3389b3238b18;1079s5b-3246b3229b627b29a275722a2939a-14674;11s1b-3885b3229b628b28a14674a1741a-14222;9s10b-3870b3211b224;2s6b-3430b3206b226;206s11b-3457b3231b227e5943;1184s12b-3503b3279b14e0;11s14b-3308b3294b13;1803s17b-3222b3209b17;3009s7b-3286b3269b340;33s9b-3604b3264b13;1s8b-3292b3279b12;417s16b-3276b3264b13e20;3s3b-3292b3279b36b593a12481a-979a-10746;3s15b-3903b296b2975b15x154127;.inv;2459;3053;1436;4343;28063;2157;31477;16124;21448;996;1953;0;0;0;2759;0;3989;3845;1;1;17;3;313;3;1;4384b739b746b0b1x141260y11437z-2383p1493p1843p58;2b-746b754b4b6x5538y-3760z-36p-1887p1829p275q-2139q2056q82r-2123r2041r83;41b-766b753b3b1x-11y10z-9p-2139p1865p276q-2136q1859q274r-2148r1874r277;3646;0;0;5128;844;1706;1159;95;0;159;512;0;0;0;0;0;219;9229;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;2;1;927;10;2;1;2;1;1;1;0;28;1;1;1;1;1;1;0;1;1;10;0;17;1;0;2;52;8;29;207;1;24;150;1;390;2;258;1;2;1;416;2;1;1;2;37;1;2;0;0;0;555;162;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;13;0;1;1;2976b52b3238b681;23b-3889b3209b627a272788a2934a4204;7b-3836b3209b628;282;1;1;133b-5372b1525b3219b222;2;42b-3451b3229b219;12;0;1246b-3438b3219b223;162;1;172;0;94;0;6;239;2162;1;0;0;761;0;0;0;208b-3432b3209b339;40;5;5;6;2;280;1819b-3613b3271b15e5963;116;0;245;0$

And - if someone from AMR Team here is reading:
Would this be a possible feature of AMR in the future:
I and MANY are using Macros with cast sequences instead of selfplay (for a reason…i know its not optimal, but sometimes i parse good too :slight_smile:
Would it be possible to import warcraftlogs strings to get a individual strategie , or would this be way to mutch work to implement ?

Edit 2:
And if i change my preference to AOE i get telled to use 2x Searing Dialogue (i have 3 of them). Stacking traits should boost my DPS the more i use

I hope someone understand my english :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look at this particular case - looks like there is something that isn’t ranking correctly. The simulator “knows” that the setup you have is better than the one BiB suggested, but for some reason the optimizer is getting confused. We’ll see if we can re-rank some of the shadow traits to clear it up - my guess is that some of the data got out of wack when we did some updates.

We wouldn’t be able to re-rank data custom to a particular rotation. You could create that rotation for the simulator and test some gear manually, though. It takes a lot of simulations to create the gear rankings.

The multi-target ranking looks fine - your item without Searing Dialogue is a better item in the chest slot. Each Searing Dialogue you have is worth the same - you don’t get any extra benefit from having 2 or 3 of them.

That would be nice of you, thank you for the quick response!