Shadow Priest BiB Wrong?

so this is my BiB code:
$6;US;Skeram;Fapitism;Time is Money;9;2;70;-576:-2630,-270:40121,-59:0,-967:14358,-809:200,-470:6450,-932:5020,-941:19288,-68:11163,-749:12295,-577:4627,-970:5900,-989:16053,-92:-4100,-942:18824,-947:13328,10:375,-609:300,-87:-14375,-935:7636,11:351,-529:3720,-934:-5574,-530:22212,-76:21377,-21:5327,-93:3200,-369:5782,-1011:13008,-911:5400,-933:4040,-81:15592;1;.s1;PRIEST;5002300030000000000000000000000000000000000500250510250123051551;.q1;21869s3x31867y-7811;1s8x-26y0;1s5x0y0;3769s18;1898s16;502s13;143s1x26y10164;211s11;121s9;55s15;24s7;168s2;295s10;263s12;8s6;2s17;2285s14;.inv;6948;1640;561;1973;1097;116;511;3463;720;0;27;0;135;1599;232;1725;2523;2163;41;65;180;26;32;265;1483;649x24030;11x0y0z0e2748;267;3;2;58;43;22;162;419;48;75;33x0y0;7;101;1;309;1074;335;203;179;166;120$

now i dont understand how or why its telling me the 4 kara items that are just straight better for most of them are not an upgrade? What am i missing?

You will be asked for snapshot. Save yourself some time and post it now :slight_smile:

I need you to post your snapshot! Press the help link above the gear table and post the snapshot id that is generated.


I’ll take a look at it - it’s fairly difficult to deal with the mana pool for shadow priests. Looks like something is going on in this case that is making the optimizer want to actually get less mana, which is leading to the weirdness.

Ok, I found a little bug with the shadowfiend that I think was ultimately the source of my issues. I’ll post an update later today sometime.

Just FYI, when optimizing for a long fight where mana is more limited: the spell in your kit which does the least damage/mana is mind blast, followed by shadow word: death. So, in a really long fight, the optimizer will take those out of the rotation first to get the most damage possible. On a really long fight, it won’t really use them at all, which makes spell crit worth zero. That is why you will see Natasha’s Ember Necklace ranked ever so slightly over Adornment of Stolen Souls. That 1 spell damage is better than the spell crit and 5 intellect! Of course you would never “notice” that in-game, but the optimizer is just going by the numbers.