Shadow Priest Hit Cap

So I’ve noticed in WOTLK optimizer doesn’t take into account the proper hit cap but maybe I’m misunderstanding.

need 17% spell cap (445 rating)
shadow focus reduces by 3%
14% = 367rating
Misery reduces another 3%
11% = 288
heroic presence another 1% (i have this option ticked)
10% = 262

However I dont think AMR is including the misery hit% because it tries to force a 14% hit cap. Any way around this or have I miscalculated


I think the issue here is Misery. You should enable the Improved Faerie Fire raid debuff, which gives the same 3% spell hit bonus as Misery (we just picked one of the spells that gives each unique raid buff/debuff rather than listing them all).

We can add some logic to always enable that raid debuff if you have the Misery talent, regardless of whether you turned the debuff on in settings.

So taking in account the above posts, I set AMR like this:

Best in bags → Customize —> Stat treshold: Spell Hit → 11

But if I set Spell Hit to 11, AMR gives me prox. 14% Spell Hit.

Correct me if I’m wrong please, I’m a bit confused atm.

Check out the tutorial on stat thresholds, it will help out.

You enter the value that you want to have including ALL sources of hit: gear, buffs, debuffs, talents, etc. The only thing you would exclude are “special” sources of hit that don’t affect all spells, such as the Shadow Focus talent – it only increases chance to hit for shadow spells, not all spells.

So you would want to set your threshold to 14% to force the optimizer to reach a point where you never miss with shadow spells, assuming you have that talent.

If you set it to 11%, then the optimizer is getting you up to 11% chance to hit with all spells, which would give you a 14% chance to hit with shadow spells due to the talent.

(There is a reason that hit was removed from the game in future expansions… it’s really a dumb stat that requires players to calculate all these silly thresholds. Really though, you should almost never have to enter a threshold when using our optimizer, we’ll almost always get you close to the threshold anyway since hit is a valuable stat.)

Thx for the quick reply, much appreciated.