Shadow Priest Hit Rating Caps at 17% instead of 16%

Hi, when i use the classic BiS calculator it always goes for 7% hit rating on my shadow priest.
Since shadow priests get 10% spell hit from talents the hit cap is 6%.

On raid bosses the chance to miss a spell is 17% but you cannot lower it to less than 1%.
Therefore only 16% hit is needed, and the optimizer should only go for 6% hit on gear on a shadow priest.

Is the calculator actually trying to get 17% hit by mistake or does it think that the gear with the useless extra hit just is better in other ways?

The optimizer is aware of the correct hit cap - I’d have to see your specific case to know why it’s going a little over for you.

In this case it is trading 12 spellpower for 0.1% crit.

Given that the fight is very short, so mana is not an issue and already hitcapped at 6% so the extra hit is useless.

Is that 0.1% crit really worth 12 spellpower, when Mind Blast is the only Shadow Priest spell that can crit?

use the help button above the suggested solution and post the snapshot id here. I can use that to take a look at all of your settings.

Thank you for taking a look :slight_smile:

Snapshot ID:

I’m not sure exactly why it picks the item - it’s possible that the code is letting sw:p and mind flay crit - I’ll put in a little update for that and then we can see if the suggestion changes.

Alright :slight_smile: Just say when i can try again

Any news? How long can i expect the change to take?

We have this changed queued up, I’ll try to get an update soon.

Usually we can make a change like this and update in a day or two, but because the Shadowlands pre-patch is coming very soon (most likely in 2 weeks), we have not been absolutely buried in work. I’ll try to get a classic site update this week sometime.

Part of updating for Shadowlands involves a server update on our end for Classic too, so we’re trying to keep changes to a minimum to both sites until after the pre-patch.

Any updates on this? It effects the BIS option too. Too much hit for sPriest… the best class.