Shadow Priest new tier 4p not good?

Snap shot: a7599f34e58c48febf8bf5a4146faa15

I just tried Best in Slot for raiding, everything (except PvP) enabled at maximum settings. AMR tells me to keep 2p from previous set. Is this correct?

EDIT: I know that there’s an option to force T32 set. But then DPS drops from +46% to +32%, which is quite huge.

We’ll take a look at why that 2pc set bonus is ranking so high – seems unlikely!

We just posted an update that should resolve this issue – give it another try.

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It’s back again.

Snap: d4b89910b19c4d038b651ac40a13986e

And now it works for me…

But Best in Bags rather go back to previous 2p then keep the new 4p.

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We made another tweak to it – give it another try!

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