Shadow Priest Simulation Bug (Void Torrent)

I tried searching the forums, but couldn’t find anything, so I thought I’d bring attention to a possible bug for Shadow Priest Simulations, specifically the talent Void Torrent.

I was recently running a bunch of simulations for my Shadow Priest, and I noticed that whenever I talented into Void Torrent, my DPS dropped considerably. On closer inspection, all the simulations where I was talented into Void Torrent, there was no damage record from the ability. The simulation simply wasn’t using/applying it.

I’m hoping to bring it to Mr.Robot’s attention so it can get fixed soon, since it is can be a decent DPS increase in single target fights, and it makes it much easier to identify how much of an increase vs other talents. Thank you!

Looks like this was a typo in the rotation that was causing it not to be cast. I can fix that.

In general void torrent is really sad - only adds a couple hundred dps these days :frowning:

Thank ya! And that’s depressing if its true :frowning:

I tried a simulation site (with Void Torrent) and it was still posting me at about 11,800, which is about the same DPS as a simulation without Void Torrent according to Mr.Robot. But the simulation site probably lacked a lot of the data Mr.Robot has, since I didn’t have that sites addons.

I miss Void Torrent :frowning:

Yeah, the problem is really that the benefit of staying in voidform for a long time isn’t really there, so a spell with the main purpose of extending voidform doesn’t really help with damage that much. They would have to add something back in like the artifact trait that made dot damage ramp up the longer voidform went.