Shadow singed fang is extremely undervalued for my Sub Rogue


I’ve my rogue plugged into AMR as we speak, and he has a custom gearing strategy for himself:

Character link

It says that with my current spec and gear, literally almost any trinket is better then the 940 Fang I was lucky enough to pick up.

I’ve no idea what’s wrong, but I did notice it said you gain 0 agility instead of the usual around 5,5k you’re supposed to get from it.

Any ideas?

Edit: I checked it out with the default gearing strategy, it does work fine there. I have no idea how to actually post you my custom gearing strategy, so here is the simulation results at the very least:

There is a tooltip issue with several trinkets right now because of some issues with the latest game data we downloaded from wowdb. It is a display issue only, does not impact rankings or simulations.

When did you create your custom gearing strategy? Was it recently or a while ago? I did make some specific changes for that item in the optimizer to make it rank properly a couple weeks ago. You would have to re-run any gearing strategy created before that update though.