Shadowlands Pre-Patch Gear Optimization

Make sure that your gem quality setting is set to Epic and not Rare.

Also, could you click “help” next to the big Best in Bags section header, and follow the steps to create a snapshot and post the ID here? With that I can try your exact case – even with the gem option set to rare, it shouldn’t replace an epic gem with a rare one of the same kind.

We did an update that fixed up some gem loading issues after the patch.

The addon can no longer handle duplicate azerite pieces for different specs. Without looking at the actual traits on the gear it doesn’t know which item to equip when I change specs, locking in the gear has no effect. Forcing the equipment change in game also doesn’t fix it either. The addon will always associates the same item with both specs when changing specs and equipping gear. Is there a workaround that might fix it?

Yeah I’ll have to give that some thought… I can’t think of any easy fix off the top of my head, since the imported gear setup doesn’t have any azerite traits chosen. The addon could tell that item A has different traits than item B, but it would have no idea which one you want to use in which gear setup.

In these cases you’ll probably have to manually equip the desired azerite item. When you import a set of gear, you can have the addon create an equipment manager set for you when you press the button to equip the set of gear. Then ensure the proper azerite items are equipped, and update the equipment manager set. Then use the equipment manager set to swap gear.

Sorry about that inconvenience… we figured it wouldn’t be that big a deal because the pre-patch was only going to last about 3 weeks… but it’s going to be a bit longer now.

58ff31c8f6894dcb9cf8ee8cf71e95df is the snapshot. i changed the threshold from rare to epic and it didnt try to change it to the rare gem, but its still trying to get me to put up the velens.

So with the squish, the difference between some of these items is pretty small now. The estimates we’re using are pushing velen’s up a bit higher than expected for that strategy. My guess is because the value of intellect is a bit too high, and/or the value of versatility is a bit too low (thus it’s not picking void twisted titanshard). I’ll see if we can tweak that.

But honestly… it’s not that terrible a trinket, lolz. It has 15 primary stat and 21 total secondary stats… probably not all that far off from some of your other trinkets in terms of estimated value.

lol after seeing it suggested i sat there staring at it for a while and comparing it stat wise to other trinkets and kept going “no this has to be a mistake, no this just cant be” but in the back of my mind was like “but really is it that bad?”

I just posted an update that should smooth out some of the stat rankings a bit and prevent unusual rankings like you saw. You may need to re-import your character and optimize again to see the change.

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Azerite trait optimization was actually one of the big reasons I pay to use the best in bags feature, feels like a rip off to have it just be gone now.

With Shadowlands coming soon, azerite will no longer be relevant – our website has always been (and will always be) designed for the current expansion’s content. That means going forward we’ll have full soulbind and conduit optimization as part of Best in Bags instead of azerite and essences.

It’s just too much work to maintain all of the mechanics for every expansion, and not many people worry about optimizing below max level/current content, so it would not be a good use of time/effort.

The pre-patches are always a bit awkward… it’s not really worth the effort to come up with in-depth gear rankings because they don’t last long enough and it would take half the pre-patch to come up with them, and the game is in a really unbalanced state anyway… that Blizzard tends to change often leading up to the next expansion.

The current azerite/essence recommendations that we show will stay up forever though, for anyone who wants to use them when leveling through BfA content. We felt that was a decent compromise – it’s not a full-on azerite/essence mathematical optimizer, but it’s actually maintainable and still useful.

Lame. Yeah I get it’s not a big deal, but if it was a feature that didn’t cost money I wouldn’t care as much. Shadowlands isn’t out yet so all that stuff doesn’t matter yet, and BFA stuff still technically does.

There is no good way to “optimize” azerite in the current state of the game. That is what yellowfive was getting at.

Some of the traits barely work in the current state. Many specs are missing key components of their kit because they are not obtained until level 51+ as higher ranks of spells.

It is not feasible to create a complete model of the pre-patch state of the game and a full model of the shadowlands state of the game all before shadowlands comes out. We are always forced to put in place a stop-gap measure for the pre-patch because people will care way more about the shadowlands optimizer being as complete and accurate as possible ASAP.

I understand that it would be great if we could have a complete optimization for pre-patch, but we just can’t do it :frowning: I think the total cost of the subscription is a very good value even with the slightly reduced functionality around the pre-patch. If you feel that you are not getting your $12 worth of value for the year, feel free to contact us via email and we can work something out.

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Oh, I gotcha, that makes more sense.