Shadowlands Season 4 (Patch 9.2.7)

When pulling upgrades from “Regular Dungeons” it’s pointing me to heroic and normal versions of the new M+ dungeons even though they don’t exist.

womp womp.

We just posted an update with several strategy updates for season 4. In particular it should behave better at higher item levels.

As always, if you notice anything weird let us know – we’ll take a look and recalculate as necessary.

@rolandmm I can take a look at that and try to exclude those from that search.

This update also should fix your issue with the 7/12 M+ gear not showing in the valor upgrade list.

Snapshot ID: 94cf7501dd2e4c5f89d38da91203b567

The upgrade finder valor option is still missing a some upgradeable items. I only see three:
Weapon 288 Interrogator’s Flensing Blade
Waist 275 Cinch of Improbable Desire
Finger 285 Seal of the Panoply

But I should have 2 others:
282 Leafmender Robes
272 Leafmender Hood

I’m guessing it’s because these two are from WoD (Iron Docks or Grimrail Depot).


Those are probably items from the “shared pool” that Blizzard never told us which would actually be available, so we don’t have source information for them, thus they aren’t being detected as M+ items. I’ll try to add such items as we see them, so please post if you (or anyone else) notice other items from this pool of items.

Another interesting thing of note with the WoD items: The 282 Leafmender Robes show up in the Creation Catalyst upgrade finder, but the 272 Leafmender Hood does not. The only difference I noticed between the two is that I have the robes equipped but not the hood. On a whim, I tried equipping the hood, but it didn’t change the results in the upgrade finder (I didn’t think it would).