Shadowlands Season 4 (Patch 9.2.7)

Today we will be posting an update with a preview of Shadowlands Season 4!

  1. Raid gear will be updated to the new “fated” item levels.
  2. Mythic+ gear will be updated to the new season 4 item levels.
  3. PvP gear will be updated to the new season 4 item levels.
  4. Mythic+ gear will be limited to the 8 dungeons in rotation for season 4.
  5. The simulator has initial implementations for new trinkets from the new M+ dungeons. We still need to verify them against the release build of the patch next Tuesday.

Things that aren’t done yet

  1. We will be re-ranking gear leading up to and in the first few days after the 9.2.7 patch to see if anything shifts with the new item levels.
  2. New trinkets from the M+ dungeons in BfA, Legion, and WoD don’t have rankings yet, those will come on or near patch day.

Fated gear does not show up as a valid Creation Catalyst upgrade, even though it is in game.

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Looks like I need to adjust the filtering to allow nathria and sanctum gear for that search, we’ll do that in the next update.

World Boss Upgrades dont appear to be showing up also.

In that update I’m going to make sure all Fated gear is available to the Creation Catalyst – at least I’m pretty sure that is what they are allowing.

We published an update just now that should have all fated gear available in the creation catalyst upgrade finder search.

We also have some (very) preliminary rankings for trinkets from this season’s M+ dungeons and a few updates to existing items. We are still running a lot of data to see if anything else changed, and also recalculating the specs that had class changes in the patch.

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Season 3 Mythic+ gear showing as upgradeable with valor.

Could you make a snapshot where this is happening? Press the help link next to the big Upgrade Finder section header, then Create Support Post, and copy the generated ID here.


Thanks, we’ll fix that in the next update.

We just did a site update with a few bug fixes. Later today we will have another update with some strategy tweaks for season 4 for DPS specs, with healers/tanks following sometime this weekend.

I might be jumping the gun as the patch is so new, but I have a few upgradable valor items and the site shows that I don’t have any when I go to Upgrade Finder/Valor. I’ve logged out and back in - exported it from the game using the most current plugin. Forgive me if this takes time. I’m a more casual player that just started playing a bit more often lately and really only recently got into mythics, where I’m getting this gear. But have been using this site for years - total lifesaver for someone like me!

Can you post a snapshot, and give me an example of an item or two that should be upgradeable with valor? To post a snapshot: Press the help link next to the big Upgrade Finder section header, then Create Support Post, and copy the generated ID here.


Wow - you guys really respond fast! Thanks for the instructions - would not have known. Please always tell people that - super helpful!

I am currently holding: Thundertower’s Targeting Reticle 4/12, Aran’s Relaxing Ruby 4/2, Kihra’s Adrenaline Injector 4/12. I don’t remember when I got them - obviously in the last few days. :slight_smile:

I may be using the website wrong, but I was using it last season. I will NOT claim to be a pro at how the site works, but I know stuff used to show up there. I will add that it doesn’t matter what I select in the drop down for upgrade level. I’m not sure it mattered before. It just says I don’t have anything that I can upgrade with valor, but I’ve gone to the npc and can in fact upgrade them (haven’t yet). I’m hoping that your awesome site makes recommendations before I spend valor! :smiley:

Thanks, I’ll take a look. It seems that the bonus IDs indicating that those items can be upgraded are not getting imported correctly from the game. I think that I should have enough information in that snapshot to figure it out for the next update (hopefully tonight sometime).

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We just posted a quick update that should resolve the issue with some of the gear not importing correctly. All the new M+ gear should have the upgrade level on it now, and the right difficulty titles should appear on dungeon and fated raid gear now.

Dont know if its a known issue, when using upgrade finder by Valor, It get the reponce “You don’t have any items that can be upgraded with valor at this time.”


I’ll take a look… the update last night should have resolved that issue, but I see e.g. you have a weapon that should show up in that list but is not.

Just to let you know, I saw your response and it appears that the items I have now appear in the list. I see that there may be a few tweaks as you mentioned to someone else that he has something not showing up in the list. I want to express my gratitude as this was the first time I think I’ve posted, and I’m amazed by how fast your response and fix was! Keep up the great work!

@citore No problem! I always try to be around on the first weekend after a patch… one day everything will work on the first try…

@kakarotok It appears that the ilvls I had for the various M+ and valor levels were off by 1 for some of them, causing an issue. All of the lists people have posted at the various sites like wowhead, icy veins, etc. don’t quite match up with what is in-game. I found the raw game table with the proper list and will update accordingly in the next site update, should resolve the issue.

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