Shaman BiB - Various problems

My main spec is Enhancement and my secondary is Restoration So i ordered them that way for BiB with Elemental as third but i keep getting odd results, especially for the Restoration spec.

On my main spec Enhancement i need mostly haste and critical strike and not so much mastery which seems to works fine but BiB keeps selecting mostly the worst azerite traits (Lightning conduit) that an enhancement shaman can have based on calculations done by icy veins, especially with single target strategy selected as said trait is mostly a multi-target one and not a good one even, and i haven’t found definitive informations about it yet but i suspect that having the same trait on multiple pieces of equipments at the same time is a waste as i don’t think they stacks.

Now for the main problem, the restoration spec, I don’t know why but the BiB keep lowering my global ilvl in a bid to get rid of haste, critical strike and versatility and gather as much mastery as possible since it’s the main stat for that spec and my enhancement gear doesn’t have enougth, but i draw the line when it decide to remove the Heart of Azeroth or when it decide to replace my ilvl 350 boots for ilvl 250 boots, the shear loss of almost 100 intellect and 40 critical strike can’t be worth 20 odd mastery. Especially when in the stat weight given for Pawn, Intellect and Mastery have almost the same value.

If you need the exports then i’m sorry to say that it’s impossible, i forced the issue by doing some BiS on the Restoration spec, though it still told me that my ilvl 350 boots were a 13% loss of HPS compared to the ilvl 250 ones. And then i recycled all those old equipments to clear my inventory.

It is very hard to troubleshoot issues without steps to reproduce…

All azerite powers stack if you have multiple of them (at least in all the tests/reports we had on beta).

We do our own calculations for the value of all azerite powers, trinket procs, etc. I can’t speak to the quality of the icy veins rankings as I have not looked at them or their methodology.

The optimizer certainly should not recommend removing your heart of azeroth, so if you have a case where it is, give us steps to reproduce and we will fix it.

Lowering item level by 100 in a slot should pretty much never happen either – if you can give us steps to reproduce that odd result, we can take a look as well.

For the Heart of Azeroth, i don’t think there are steps allowing it to be reproduced easily, it seemed pretty random to me and only happened once, though only for the Restoration spec, I think i had just done a quest for the Champions of Azeroth that increased it’s ilvl by 15 once i reached friendly with said faction maybe it is linked to it’s sudden change of ilvl.

For the item level drop it seems to be due to the optimizer, it does say that i have too much critical strike, haste and versatility and not enougth mastery for the restoration spec and i noticed that the optimizer try to increase said mastery at “ALL” cost so there might be a problem in the intellect or item level valuation that make the optimizer think that an increase in mastery is worth the loss of primary stats.

Do you have an addon export string where we can see this happening?

Not since i cleaned my bags of lower item level items to gear up for heroïc dungeons.