Shaman Class Color in AMR is purple instead of blue

Hi, I noticed that most of the class-specific UI coloring for Shamans in AMR is incorrect, using a purple color with hex code #8c9eff instead of the expected blue color for Shaman.

According to the official hex color used for Shamans in WoW’s game files is #0070DD (RGB 0, 112, 221).

Could you please update the AMR site UI to use WoW’s standard blue color for Shamans for the class-colored elements?

Interesting request! I Don’t think we’ve ever had someone request a color change before.

We use our own custom color palette for the website. When I look at that color on my monitor, it looks blue, not purple. Every monitor is different and every person’s eyes are a little different too. I tried using the exact colors that blizzard uses, but it didn’t end up looking good on our website, so that is why I ended up modifying the palette a little bit.

Ah, thanks for the explanation. The current color on AMR looks like “Warlock purple” to me… on both my PC and my iOS devices. :confused:

If anyone stumbles upon this in the future, I created a userscript to adjust the Shaman class colors:

Before / After:

If you go to the guide landing page (linked from the home page), you can see all the class colors side by side

Demon hunters, mages, shamans, and warlocks all use some variation of blue and purple. On that page you can see that shaman and mage are clearly quite blue compared to warlock and demon hunter.

Though yes, our modified color scheme is a tad less blue than the default shaman color, I’d say that it is definitely still pretty blue, and not nearly as purple as warlocks.