Shaman Lego - Recommended Gear (Restoration)

I have read this post and still have a question.

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My question is: Kyrian Shaman’s are mostly using the Vesper Totem lego and focusing on Crit/Vers yet both healing and dps strategy is trying to force Mastery. There’s no way to “prefer” crit or vers over mastery without settinng that to just 200 and/or haste to 200. This causes an issue when having ilvl 239 item that is better due to the int and being recommended to wear ilvl 213 gear. Should the dps sim be updated to accomodate this lego? Vers is preferred in order to maximize the heals/dps of the Vesper Totem.

In this snapshot, I see you have set a custom stat distribution. If I remove that customization and leave your resto spec at what the optimizer recommends - it is not getting any mastery with the all offense setting.

As soon as you move the slider somewhat towards healing, mastery is going to have some decent value - it’s a good healing stat. If you really don’t want any mastery on your gear, you could exclude the specific items in your bag with mastery.

There would be no way to get the simulation data to give zero value to mastery in the healing data. If you only care about maximizing the value of your Vesper Totem, that is a very specific optimization. The customization features of the optimizer were created specifically for cases like this.

One issue you said you had was the case of a 239 item which is “better due to the int” not being chosen. I would need you to point out to me exactly which item you are referring to. But, you run into an issue where it becomes difficult to decide the relative value of two items if you are saying you don’t want any mastery. If a higher item level does have mastery… how much primary stat offsets the mastery? The all offense strategy more or less gives you the answer you want in that case.

I’ll play with the slider more but when I did i believe it was trying to use crit over vers

I’m not a fan of how custom stats work. Maybe if there was a setting where if the items were close in ilvl (0 delta or up to say 10) it would use your preferred stats else it would default to the higher item level; for items that have a primary stat.

I don’t think the sim is configured well for Vesper Totem. Healing focused simmed at 400 dps and 5.3k hps where a dps focused sim was at 3.5k dps and 900 hps. I can tell you in my real world tests running 7-16 keys this week that I averaged over 3k dps with many pulls being 7-8k and over 5.5k hps and this is without my gear being well optimized.

My rotation was simply dropping a vesper and hitting it with frost shock, frost shock, riptide x2 + healing wave and then a frost shock to blow up the totem. Then I would just flame shock a target i was focusing for interupts and healing the party. I dont have the level 58 conduit slot that buffs it further nor do I have a decent ranked conduit for Vesper as I just recently switched. I would only cast dps spells to refresh flame shock and use my lava blast when it proc’d. No lightning, almost no hard casts of lava bolt.