Shaman resto Status on Best in Bags

Hi, this is my snapshot 1ad1b51adcf045b5bc44c3f3970499a8
Checking every guide Seems to tell us that Haste is a must,and we should stack even gems for it.
Best in Bags seems to focus on Int and Crit…

The optimizer essentially thinks you are running out of mana. Start by turning on the raid buffs, debuffs, and consumables that you typically would get – that will significantly impact your mana pool.

Then, if the optimizer is still favoring intellect and mp5 but you don’t find yourself running into mana issues in-game, shorten the fight length. It is OK if the fight length setting is shorter than your actual fights tend to be in-game. Most real boss fights have some down time where you can regenerate mana, but it is very difficult to predict how much regen any given player will get this way – some teams take more damage, have less or more healers, etc.

For example, try 120 seconds, or even 90 seconds. Then you’ll see it favor other stats.

does this changes to try prioritize haste, apply to Upgrade finder?

In the Upgrade Finder you choose a Best in Bags setup in the first step – all settings that you have on that Best in Bags setup will apply to the Upgrade Finder rankings.