Shard need to be switch out for .57 dps increase

Is this really worth the .57 dps increase and does this include the shard up grade you get in Kor if not how do you check this?

I have no way of answering this question without more information. I don’t even know what spec you are optimizing for!

Use the “help” link right above the gear table to create a snapshot id and post it. That lets us see what you are seeing.


The results do take into account the upgrade level of your shards. The unholy set bonus is better than the frost set bonus for Beast Mastery, significantly. 0.57% increase is actually quite conservative, you’ll probably get more than that by switching to unholy.

The frost set bonus does not collect crit damage from pets, making it pretty weak for beast mastery, demonology, and unholy.

thanks very much for info can get a little cornfushing (from NC mountains lol)