Sharing Simulations ready for queue


I was wondering if there is any way to share a sim to queue on someone else’s machine?

I ask this as a group of us like to use AMR but some sims can take a while when not on max settings so, I have a server I can run mine on, but the only way the others can run theirs on it is to either log into each other’s accounts. Is there any way we can just share the potential sims instead?

We don’t have anything right now to share a specific simulation setup - that would be nice though.

One thing you can do as a work around that might do what you want… is to set up the sim how you want and then set the Error Target to “quick run” - this will make the sim run super fast since it will do very few iterations. Then you can share the link of the result and choose the “Re-run Simulation” option and choose to save it for later. This will save the setup to your account. You’d just then have to change the error target to whatever you want and run it. Not as nice as an explicit option to share saved setups, but I think it would achieve what you want for now.

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